Samantha Persons
Embodied Structures Installation shots
Embodied Structures 2012
"Embodied Structures" was a full immersion installation. This piece was a two stage interactive work. As part of my solo exhibition in Figure One gallery, "Embodied Structures " focused on issues of gender performance, childhood memories, fantasy, and materiality.

68'x17'x12.' Installation. Wood, flat house paint, vcr, video projector, “Peter Pan” Mary Martin stage production vhs, fabric, mirrors, pine, flat house paint, gloss house paint, pennant flags, black florescent lights and fixtures, red incandescent lights and fixtures, vinyl letters, acrylic paint, screws, opalescent Plexiglas, pink and blue Plexiglas, speakers playing the 50 American state male birds mating call, cotton, polyfil. 2012